Barrier Solutions


Termite Barrier Solutions

Termite barrier solutions are available for both pre-construction and post-construction situations. These include physical and chemical termite barriers.



Physical barriers are designed to deter termites and can be made from metal, PVC and/or impregnated Polymer material that termites cannot chew through. These products are used to protect penetrations, building perimeters and other concealed areas during the construction stage.

All barrier systems are installed by licensed technicians in accordance with AS 3660.1-2000.

Coastal Pest Solutions are authorised installers of:


In-soil chemical barriers use a pesticide formulated for termites. Chemical barriers are applied under and around the foundations by licensed pest technicians. The life span of a chemical barrier is site and product specific.
Reticulation chemical systems can be installed and used for treating the soil around the perimeter of a concrete slab, under construction joints and around piers in the subfloor area as a deterrent against the concealed entry of termites. This system allows for the re-application of chemicals when needed.

Post Construction

Abutting Barrier is installed when additional protection is required where the 75mm exposed edge of the slab or physical barrier system will be covered by an additional hard surface, such as concrete, pavers and tiling.

Reticulation chemical systems can also be installed to give your home additional protection and may be recommended in the event of increased activity in your area. There are many different options to increase the protection of your home from chemical barrier treatments to the installation of monitoring stations (non-chemical) placed strategically around your home and checked at regular intervals (a chemical is only introduced once activity is identified). Contact one of our friendly staff to discuss your options.

Coastal Pest Solutions is an authorised installer of (but not an exclusive user of) Protectant Pest Management systems - Protectant, Termigreen, Premium Flow termite barriers.